Surveillance: HiTech Smart Homes & Security provides 4k camera systems so that questioning image quality is never an option. When it comes to your family, you can never be too safe.

Monitor your home or property from your mobile device, tablet, or computer. Know that your home is safe in real time with surveillance from HiTech Smart Homes & Security.

Our surveillance systems monitor every movement using high quality video and audio to give you the all the information you need to know about any possible breach.

Throw those old Analog Cameras out the door! Welcome to the world of High Definition Mega-pixel cameras with clarity like no other! Imagine finally being able to see details in a surveillance recording of a crime. Imagine being able to look at your home surveillance cameras from your phone in clear HD away from home! Whether its residential or commercial let our expert team take the worry out of your life and bring you the peace of mind you've been looking for.