Security Systems


Security Systems: Alarm systems with full home automation features. Arm the alarm, cut the lights, shut the garage, and lock the doors in one push of a button.

Create a customized security system that protects your loved ones, pets, and property from the unthinkable. Have the ability to monitor your home or property wherever you are, at any time of the day. From remote access to mobile control, be confident in the safety of your home.

HiTech Smart homes is committed to the complete protection of your home using the latest technology in the industry.

Lets get you a Smart Alarm System that we all used to dream of. Imagine a Smart Alarm System, one that doesn't need an expensive landlines. A system that automatically locks your doors when you forget. A system that reminds you to arm your alarm system when you've left without arming your house. A system that sends you a simple yet powerful text message when your kids haven't came home on time. Imagine a system that lets you control everything in your home like thermostats, lights, door locks, alarm arming, garage door, and more all in one app from the convenience of your phone. Well imagine no further, our alarm system can do all of that and dispatch police, fire, and medical emergency!