Smart Home Security Alarms and Automation


Did you know you can answer your door from anywhere? How would you like the comfort and ease to see who is at your front door when you are not at home? At Point, we believe you should have every option available to make you feel more secure when you are at or when you are not. Point now offers the Ring Doorbell Camera with any of our home security systems or as a stand-alone product in addition to your current Security System.

If you are looking to upgrade your current system and want that extra layer of protection, the Ring Video Doorbell might be the choice for you. As the leader in home security alarm and commercial surveillance systems for Austin, Houston, and San Antonio, Point also specialize in installation, servicing, and customizable security solutions monitoring.

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Smart Home Security Alarms and Automation

Live View on IQ Panel 2 Launched with Qolsys Software Update

Qolsys, the leading provider of security and smarthome technology, announced today the release of Live View, the streaming of video cameras to the panel’s 7” HD touchscreen. Live View was enabled in the 2.1 Software Update, released February 2018.

"Live View completely changes the user experience in the home," says Qolsys SVP Sales and Marketing Mike Hackett. "Users are drawn to the 7” touchscreen to check on their kids or pets, view the back yard or see the front porch all from the easy to use interface."

The live video camera stream appears with excellent resolution on the 1280 x 800 HD screen. Up to 40 cameras associated with the system will automatically appear, allowing users to easily select the desired video feed with a single touch, providing the user with real-time visibility in their home or business. Live View currently supports three models (indoor cameras ADC-V521IR and ADC-V522IR and the outdoor wireless camera ADC-V722W), with more compatibility coming in future software updates.

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Smart Home Security Alarms and Automation

Introducing Siri Shortcuts Voice Control for

If you're an and Apple user, your voice just got way more powerful.

Siri Shortcuts for is a new voice control integration that lets you activate Scenes by talking to Siri, using customizable voice ‘shortcuts'. These shortcuts integrate into your existing routines and reflect how you naturally talk, making it even easier and more intuitive to interact with your smart home.

You can activate your Siri Shortcuts for with any compatible device with iOS12 installed. These include your iPhone, iPad, HomePod, Apple Watch, and—in another first—your CarPlay-enabled vehicle dashboard, enabling you to voice-control your home from the road.

As well as setting up easy shortcuts for your devices, you can even blend Scenes with other apps in your Apple ecosystem (see below for details), making things even more convenient.

Here's what you can do with Siri Shortcuts for

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